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Go live. Easily. Anywere.

Slimp provides an easy to use and powerful way to stream on platforms anywere YOU want.

Only iphone is needed

Operate with both cameras

Use AR with 3D avatar 


What Slimp is about

We are a small team of Slimp creators that wants to provide the community with a tool for convenient streaming using a smartphone. Most streamers use multiple video streams, and many use 3D models.

All this requires special software and a computer ...

...but not anymore!

Stream anywhere

Without complicated settings. You only need access to the Internet. And you also can record!

Use avatars

You can use a pre-made avatar or create your own.

Show your reaction

You no longer need to turn the camera to show a cool thing. Usage of two cameras is now possible.

Create 3D

You can create avatars both in the app or using third-party software.

Our Roadmap

Копия Новый рисунок.png

Give yourself more mobility

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Slimp works for iOS since version 14. Works for iPhone X and newer.
We launched Slimp app which can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

Slimp is completely free to use, however we will appreciate your support.

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