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Slimp first start

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2023 г.

Hello and welcome!

If you looking for instruction on how to use Slimp app you in the right place.

Your profile panel is located at the top of the screen. As soon as you connect to your Twitch or YouTube account, your avatar and name will change. When connecting via a custom server, this information will not change.


Next are cards for quick access to stream or video recording. We have preconfigured two cards for you, you can edit them by double-clicking on it. Or create a new one by clicking on the plus sign.


To add your Twitch or YouTube account or a custom server, you need to click on Choose streaming platform.

On creation or while editing fast card, you can setup the following parameters:

  • card's name;

  • streaming platform (from the list of platform you authorized on);

  • record, streaming or both;

  • AR camera or Dual camera (only one can be chosen);

  • 3D model selection;

  • bitrate (affects the quality of the video, but also increases the volume of outgoing Internet traffic);

  • video resolution.

Note. High bitrate and resolution may affect performance.

At the moment, only integration with the Twitch and YouTube API is available. After sign in Twitch or YouTube account, your avatar and nickname will be displayed and you will have access to chat during streaming.

To stream on Trovo and other platforms, you need to use the custom server setup. The RMTP server and key can be found on desired streaming platform.

As well for additional Twitch and YouTube chanels.

For more information how to logout from Twitch or YouTube account see this blog.

On the next screen there is a menu for configuring buttons available during streaming. This is followed by two text windows. You can specify a link to any web page with a transparent background that will work as an overlay. For example, it can be streamelements or streamLab. Or any other web page. Due to the alpha of the project, there are some limitations:

  • alert type objects do not work for streamelement due to their specific work on the part of streamelement. The other types of objects works perfectly. Custom widgets also work great, and I've written a widget for you that implements the alert box functionality. (I've never written in JS, so what came out came out. If you can write a better widget for users, I will be very grateful).

  • the streamlab overlay is designed to work with streamlab applications. We haven't implemented the necessary tool yet, so the alerts will be on full screen.

  • as it turned out, different iphones work differently with overlays. Therefore, please make a test recording with the overlay and make sure that the image from the back camera is present. If the screen on record is black, change the "overlay fix" position. The check needs to be done only once.

And the last part is related to models. When you launch the app at the first time, you will see the "Download models" button, click it to be able to use AR.

That's it. We are waiting for your experience!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


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