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Streaming account connection

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2023 г.

In the Slimp App, you can use YouTube and Twitch authentication to connect your accounts.

The first time you turn on streaming on Twitch or YouTube, you will need to log in. You can also use a custom server or server and key data from Twitch or YouTube.

Authentication via Twitch or YouTube allows you to display your profile photo and nickname on the main page of the application. And also display the chat while streaming. But only one Twitch or YouTube account could be used in this way. If you need in additional account for one or both platforms you will need to log out or use custom server.


Log in



​Custom server

​Tap on "twitch" button and confirm Twitch authentication

​Tap on "YouTube" button and confirm YouTube authentication

​​Tap on "Use custom server" button and fill the form

  • ​Configuration name can be anything.

  • Ingest server can be your own RTMP or from streaming platform

  • Server key can be your own RTMP key or from streaming platform

​Ingest server can be found here

Ingest server can be found in YouTube Studio -> Live Stream -> Stream URL

​Stream key can be found Video Producer -> Settings -> Stream -> Primary Stream key

​Stream key can be found in YouTube Studio -> Live Stream -> Stream key

You can create as many custom servers as you want. But only one Twitch and YouTube accounts in time.

If your authentification correct background of Twitch or YouTube button turn green. If some trouble apear shut down the app and open it again.


Log out

To log out your account from app you will need to do several steps:

  1. Disconect app from streaming account.

  2. Restart app.



​​Custom server

​To disconnect app from account go Prifile photo -> Settings -> Connections

-> Other Connections -> Slimp -> Disconnect

​To disconnect app from account go Prifile photo -> Manage your Google Account ->

Security -> Third-party apps with account access -> Slimp -> Remove Access

Just delete certain configuration from dropdown list


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